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One of the many benefits of choosing CRM as your solution provider is that our customers pay no more than if they ordered directly from the vendor. But by ordering through CRM, you will also receive our signature “white glove” customer service, which goes above and beyond standard vendor telecom services. Our team is always here to provide you with top-notch support and assistance, whether you need help with installation, troubleshooting, or ongoing maintenance.

Thank you for considering CRM as your telecom partner. We are confident that our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction will exceed your expectations.

Needs Assessment

Having provided professional consultations with thousands of organizations we assist potential Customers to identify and prioritize potential telecom improvements. Based on your needs we then research, evaluate and suggest the better solutions available.


Billing errors can be a common issue in the telecom industry, and can result in significant costs for businesses if left unchecked. By reviewing vendor billings and identifying errors, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure that you are only paying for the services you actually use.

Contract Reviews

Any telecom improvement project can present a significant impact on a business’s operations and finances. We have the experience to carefully evaluate existing agreements and make recommendations allowing you can make informed decisions that align with your goals and priorities.

Project Management

The level of oversight involved in telecom installation can often be a daunting task. It is critical to ensure that each phase is completed on time and on budget and that any issues or delays are addressed promptly. We work directly with vendor management and your team to ensure that your needs are met.

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